Photography in January 2020

January is always a quiet month for us after the Christmas rush in December.  It’s time to catch up on all those jobs that have been put off for a quiet time such as this. 

 Marketing, new promotions, reviewing the services we offer and pricing structure, as the new price lists arrive from our suppliers.  Bridal Shows, new wedding display albums and portraits for the studio.  Time to shoot for the website galleries and create some new imagery!

January is also the month to test new equipment and maybe invest in something new! 

I recently tested the Olympus OMD EM1 Mk2 and OMD EM1X, by kind permission of Olympus UK’s Professional Photography Department.  I was given the equipment for a generous one month period, to test in-depth the system, along with several of their professional lenses.  I have to admit I was blown away by the performance of the system, from the very basic but highly important handling and feel of the cameras in hand to the exquisite build quality and insane in-body stabilisation, to the razor-sharp high-performance lenses and the superb image quality.  Anyone that says the micro four-thirds system is inferior to either APSC or full-frame equipment simply hasn’t used the latest and greatest that this format has to offer. 

Without a doubt and yes this is only my opinion, but for me, this is the best handling camera I have ever had the pleasure to use.  In my humble opinion, all manufacturers should pay Olympus so that they can copy the design of these bodies.  The only camera I have used that has a perfect balance, perfect grip and button layout.  Everything is where it needs to be, making using the camera a pure delight. The lenses are small and lightweight, incredibly well made, razor-sharp and also well designed.

Following earlier testing of both the Fuji X System and Sony A System, I can honestly say the system that has impressed me the most and actually made me want to buy into the system is without a shadow of a doubt, the Olympus.

I may well add new equipment to our professional kit early in 2020 after further testing.