Award Winning Professional Boudoir Photographer


Beautiful, sophisticated, and sensual ... Boudoir Portraiture is becoming increasingly popular as women wish to express their femininity. Once this beautiful artwork would only be given as a gift to a husband or loved one, especially on Valentine's Day, an Anniversary or Birthday. It is true that portraits of any kind do make perfect gifts, but now women are booking Boudoir Portraiture for themselves.

We believe that everyone is beautiful regardless of their age, shape and size; whether you are petite or curvaceous you can be sexy, sophisticated and look stunning. Boudoir photography has often been described as a confidence boosting experience. It should also be fun, and totally relaxing, and we endeavour to make it so.

Paul's experience and expertise ensures that you are relaxed and look your best during the shoot. Your portraits can be taken at the studio, or in the comfort and familiar surroundings of your own home or at a venue of your choice. Please feel free to bring a chaperone with you for the shoot, but this is entirely your decision.

We work on an appointment only basis, and offer a pre-shoot consultation to ascertain your exact requirements on the day.

Please contact the studio for more information.