Photography in January 2019


It has been a much busier month than expected with lots of interest from couples still looking to book my services for their 2019 Weddings and I have seen an increase in customers asking for Passport Photos in readiness for the holiday season.  As well as the usual UK Passport Photos, I have also produced Passport Photos during January for customers wishing to renew their Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Brazilian, Indian, American and Canadian passports.

In doing so I have met lots of really nice amazing people whom I hope to work for again in the future.

Restoration Work / Family Pictorial Archive Books:

I was recently privileged to restore a lot of really old photographs for a London based client. Restoration work is a service I provide which I thoroughly enjoy.  I love viewing old photos, each with their own unique story to tell and I feel it is so important to restore and preserve each and every one before they are lost forever.  Some of these images can be quite historical, others simply family memories, from times gone by.  I have also recently restored and archived a set of family photos for a family by turning the images into a printed and bound book, which will last for generations. This is a fantastic option to both preserve and view these family treasures.