Photography in January 2021

As we enter the New Year the pandemic is getting worse, worldwide.  We prepare to enter a third and much longer lockdown here in the UK with a new variant of Covid19 being identified which seems to be much more infectious! The good news being that the vaccines are now ready and the government’s plan to vaccinate the nation should start in a few days.  Hopefully in the months to come, it will have the desired effect and allow us to return to something that resembles normal life!

Most 2021 weddings have been postponed to 2022/2023 because of the current Covid19 restrictions and couples worried if these will be lifted in time.  Hopefully these will lift later this year and we will see a return to normal life. We still have some weddings going ahead in 2021, no matter what restrictions are in place at this time.  Some couples are now on their third or fourth dates!