Photography in March 2019

New Equipment:

I have been busy testing new equipment from the Fujifilm line-up, both the XH-1 and XT-3.  Both are incredible cameras and I was amazed at the image quality from both.  I love the whisper-quiet shutter release of the XH1.  It reminds me of the Leica’s I used to own back in the days of film capture, but to be honest I think the shutter of the XH-1 is even quieter than those of the legendary Leica Rangefinders.  Not only quiet but silky smooth too.  I am hoping to add a mirrorless camera system to the equipment we currently use, as I feel it would be beneficial in some circumstances.

I am hoping to trial some Olympus equipment later in the year, by kind permission of Olympus UK before making a final decision on which system to buy into.  There is so much to like about any mirrorless system and I am finding there is very little, not to like. 

I have however spent some time testing Sony equipment expecting the Sony A7 series of cameras with their full-frame sensors to be the obvious choice for us, but after testing I am not so sure.  Image quality is perfectly OK, but then all professional cameras deliver excellent image quality.  To me,

a new system is more than just about image quality.  if the camera and its controls feel awkward in the hand, then it’s probably not the one.  We have to use these things on a daily basis, often for very long periods and at speed, therefore it is paramount for me that any new camera feels comfortable to hold, has a great button/dial placement and a well thought out menu system.

My search continues but I could easily work with the Fuji’s tested so far.